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An ever increasingly popular option smart curtains and blinds are a gorgeous addition to any home. Easy to use, convenient and a superb modern twist on tradition

Smart curtains and blinds specialists | Options to suit all budgets

Our designers will be able to advise you on our full range of interior home or business technology suitable for your project

Stunning wave curtains | Full automation available

Electric Curtains and Blinds

Electric curtains and blinds are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and offices. With the rise of smart home integration and as the cost barrier to entry has been lowered, we see many, many clients requesting the use of such technology. Having been at the forefront of this type of technology we have forged partnerships with many of these technology companies and can provide you with a vast array of solutions.

Many new build properties have in place mechanisms to aid companies such as ours to easily install electric curtains and blinds. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a new build property, we can integrate electric curtains and blinds in any property. By having electric curtains or blinds tracks installed in your home enables you to have control of them from a wall switch, tablet or phone.

  • Total remote control
  • Easy to use
  • Covid friendly
  • Open curtains or blinds at the touch of a button

Why use Electric Curtains? 

Incorporating electric curtains into your home may seem a daunting prospect – we take the hassle out of it! It offers total control of your curtains or blinds With an electric track you are able to open and close a pair of curtains or have them stack to one side for a single curtain.

As official trade suppliers of many manufacturers we tend to use them for all our electric tracks.

  • Easily powered by mains supply
  • No power available, no problem. We can incorporate a battery powered solution
  • Complete control from a wall switch, phone, remote control or tablet
  • Adjustable speed
  • Touch motion
  • Automated motor starts once the curtain is activated

Electric Curtain Tracks and Technology 

  • Official trade suppliers of many providers
  • Official suppliers of many home technologies
  • Recommendations based on your individual properties and circumstances
  • Perfect for large and very heavy curtains
  • Adds a luxurious feel to any property
  • Total control from a wall switch, tablet, phone or app
  • Motorization Systems
  • Silent operation | App
  • Control styles
  • Control your curtains from a phone or tablet
  • There are many systems that give you complete control of your home automation systems. Control your curtains and blinds from your tablet and phone. Can be used at home and on the go
  • Stylish, sleek wall switch
  • The wall switch: Control your curtains with the touch of a button. Different finishes are available to suit all styles of interiors
  • Total customized control 
  • Remote control 
  • Familiar remote control of your curtains. Can be finished in a variety of colors to suit your individual style


All lining options catered for

A full range of lining options | FREE blackout lining with every order

All our curtains are fully bespoke and we can therefore advise you on the best lining for your requirements. We make our curtains with blackout lining as standard and we give you that lining for FREE. They give a substantial look and feel to any curtain as well as offering the added benefit of blocking out light. The blackout lining makes the curtain hang better and look better when opened or closed. Some options are better without lining, if requested, they give a more casual look and feel especially in some contemporary properties.

Linings we use 


  • Excellent for lightweight, casual look and feel curtains

Cotton lining

  • Gives slightly more weight that unlined; it won’t however block out light even on very dark or even black curtain fabric

Blackout lining

  • Excellent all-rounder that gives weight and a substantial feel to your fabric and curtains
  • Total blackout that ensures the light is blocked out. Perfect for bedrooms.
  • We apply blackout lining to our curtains as standard and we also give you the blackout lining
  • Fitted from ceiling to floor for total blackout


  • The most luxurious of linings for look and feel
  • All our interlined curtains are hand-stitched by our expert makers

Hotels | Airbnb | B&B all catered for Florida

We provide our top-quality service for commercial clients in Florida and throughout the US

Expert Advice

Expert advice from our designers with over 30 years of experience: We know how to deliver to your specification and budget

Quality Control

All our curtains and blinds are expertly made in our US workroom by our specialist makers.

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